ISTEC ICE are ISO 9001:2015 accreditied.

ISTEC ICE’s Digital Image Fusion is the process by which two or more images are combined into a single image, retaining the important features from each of the original images. The objective of Digital Image Fusion is to integrate complimentary multi-sensor, multi-temporal and/or multi-view information into one new image.

Rather than adopting the process of simply blending the two inputs using various ratios, the ISTEC ICE Image Fusion Engine is providing full digital signal processing on the inputs and is therefore able to apply and output a ‘per pixel alpha blend’ of the two selected input images. The result is the optimum image possible by combining the best detection capabilities of the sensors.

Imaging solutions include:

  • Local Situational Awareness Systems (LSAS)
  • Drivers View Enhancement (DVE)
  • Thermal Image / Low Light Image Fusion
  • Thermal Image / Image Intensifier Fusion
  • Thermal Imaging Capability


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